PSE Acquires New CNC Plasma Cutting Machine

Port Klang: Port Shipyard & Engineering Sdn Bhd announced recently that it has acquired a brand new gantry type CNC Plasma Cutting Machine. The new acquisition is just part of the company’s Strategic Optimization Blueprint which aims at upgrading & improving its current facilities, management processes and work culture.

“We believe this is a crucial investment for the company’s growth as it will greatly improve cutting and production time, and also the quality of each cut components, thus reducing wastage”, said Mr Chuah Chong Wah, Managing Director of PSE.

The plasma system uses a boost inverter with microprocessor control that also reduced the system’s price, improving consumable’s life and consuming less power. High definition plasma systems and conventional oxygen plasma systems which when coupled with CNC Cutting Machine and torch height control system can cut steels with a dross-free edges, eliminating secondary finishing process. The high definition plasma is a cost-effective alternative to laser. High definition plasma or precision plasma produces high energy density in the arc with a very accurate gas flow control and power output. This produces narrow kerf cutting and less cutting bevel angles.


The main specifications of the Model Finecut 7000 include:

Effective Cutting Width                          : 6000mm

Effective Cutting Length                                    : 11000mm

Rapid Speed                                         : 0-12000mm/min

Torch Lifting Distance                            : 170mm

Straight Line Positioning Precision         : ±0.2mm/10M

Straight line Repeat Precision                : ±0.2mm/10M

AHC Precision                                       : ±0.5mm

Speed Setting Discrepancy                   : ≤±5% 


The new machine has just been installed and selected staffs are being trained to operate it. It is expected to be fully operational within a week’s time.